Franchise Opportunity



In this Category a certain number of individuals under the regulation of each Franchise are co-ordinating with us. Sub-Franchise acts like a freelancer adhering to specific terms and conditions. They generate business and procure remuneration proportionate to their contribution. For Further details, enquire at   or call at +91-9594444188


Franchise is a specific area head under a Zone. In Anush IT Solutions one existing Franchise Model We has approximately 10 to 12 Franchises within one Master Franchise. Every Zone will be divided in to certain areas and every area will be governed by one Franchise and with regards to their instructions Sub-franchise will execute their functions and according to the guidelines of Franchise there are certain number of Sub-Franchise individuals who will execute the role of Free-lancers. For Further details, enquire at or call at +91-9594444188


In the present scenario cities have been divided in Zones. Every Zone is monitored under the supervision of a Master- Franchise. Master Franchise acts as a Zonal Head. Each Master Franchise has been allocated a Zone which consists of specific areas. Master Franchise monitors the activities of Franchise Owners. For Further details, enquire at or call at +91-9594444188


Super Master Franchise is the utmost leading body of the Franchise Model under specific terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the Super Master Franchise proposal will differ from city to city. It is a premium category model. For Further details, enquire at or call at +91-9594444188